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Our Core Values

With these values,we embrace ourmission to bring each clientthe best service

We are strong service differentiators in areas ofInvestment andTradingStrategies
We have good understanding ofthe business drivers Market Dynamics and Operations
We are keen at structuringProduct Innovations - Instruments, FundRaising,Value Investments

Understanding the Basics

Developing a personalized investment strategy that will help you pursue your goals means considering a number of choices. When starting out, it’s important to ask yourself some basic questions:

Corporate Finance
We provide Corporate Finance services for quoted and unquoted companies with advice on Corporate Broking, Listings, InitialPublic Offerings,CorporateBond raising,States and LocalGovernment Bond raising,Mergers and Acquisition.
Nigeria Stock Exchange Designated Adviser
We are a NigeriaStock Exchange Designated Adviser to facilitate ad services to clients on the pre-and requirementforfirms on theAltern SecuritiesMarket(ASeM) by providing professional advisory services to clients on their responsibility when applying to be listed and obligations after
Stock Brokerage Service
We Provide Trade Execution Service to clients in diverse ways. This is a non-advisory service for customers who are interested in trading stock and building their portfolio via telephone, internet and physical call at our office through our unique online trading facility. Chartwelltrader this service is the preferred service for those clients who want the freedom to make their own investment decision
Debt Management Office (DMO) Federal Government Savings Bonds.
We act as an agentto the DMO to educate and facilitate individuals, corporate bodies, entrepreneurs- small andmediumscale business enterprises investmentin FGN Savings Bondswhich yield a fixed return on amount invested throughout the tenor